How to map an IP address to my domain name

This articles explains about mapping an IP address to a domain name

Hello all today we will see , how to map a domain name to an IP address .

What is domain name mapping?

    Domain name mapping is a feature to map names to your ip addresses. Because it's always easy to remember by name than ip address. Let's say we easily remember instead of some ip like

Things we needed to domain name mapping to our Ip address.

  • Register your domain name from providers like (godaddy, bigrock etc)
  • Instance or Droplet from Providers (Digital ocean, AWS, Linode etc)

Now hoping your have your domain name and IP address to map.

Now Login to your account where you registered your domain (godaddy, bigrock, etc).

We need to create a  A type record to map our IP Address to domain name

Creating A(type) Record

Go to Manage DNS for your domain. Look for A records tab. click create New record
Host Name: (your domain name)
IPV4: 192.xx.xx.xx (your ip goes here)
TTL : 28800 (seconds to update)

It takes some time(usually 5 mins) to map your IP address with domain name. Now hoping you successfully mapped your IP with your domain name. Now go to browser and try accessing

Thanks !!! Happy coding !

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